Bluetooth Smart Watch

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Model Name DZ09
Style Classic
Colour BLACK
Special Feature Camera

Bluetooth Smart Watch

A Bluetooth Smart Watch is a sleek wearable device that connects seamlessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology, offering a range of convenient features right on your wrist. From receiving notifications and calls to tracking fitness metrics and controlling music playback, these watches provide a convenient extension of your smartphone experience. With stylish designs and advanced functionalities, Bluetooth Smart Watches are the perfect companion for modern lifestyles, keeping you connected and organized throughout the day.

About Bluetooth Smart Watch

  • FUNCTIONS: Bluetooth connectivity, Bluetooth Music Control, Voice Recorder, Sim-card (Micro) support, Calling function, Cellphone finder, Reminder for long time sitting, Battery with durable power, Pedometer, Anti-lost function.Smart Watch enables you to take a step ahead into the world of technology, no matter whether you’re a tech geek or a sports addict
  • * Best in segment Display, Touch, Chipset and Working memory(Compared to all products in this segment)With this smartwatch on your wrist, you can receive and make calls, dictate text messages and send them to your friends or colleagues, call a taxi, browse through plenty of apps, and even track your fitness activity – all this without the need to even take your smartphone out.
  • * This dependable and versatile wearable gadget helps you organize efficiently your daily activities and achieve your full potential. The unisex watch is a virtual wrist-worn assistant.
  • * Moreover with its help you can send personal messages to your friends or even your heart pulse to your significant other via taps, in case they own an smartwatch too. In a similar way, the unique Taptic Engine is designed to give you delicate and fully customizable nudges when you get a notification.
  • * Compatibility: All Android and iOS Mobile Phone & Android Tablet PC. Android Mobile Phone.With up to 230mAh of battery life, the smartwatch is always there when you need it during your daily routine. In addition, this unisex watch helps you exercise and work out in style with its unique.Note:Customer should insert a MicroSD card before accessing

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