Egg Boiler

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Colour Pnk
Material Plastic
Brand Generic
Product Dimensions 18L x 10W x 3H Centimeters
Capacity 397 g

Egg Boiler

An egg boiler is a compact kitchen appliance designed to simplify the process of boiling eggs. It typically consists of a base unit with a heating element and a tray or rack where eggs can be placed. The appliance allows users to easily boil eggs to their desired level of doneness, whether it’s soft, medium, or hard-boiled, by controlling the amount of water and cooking time. Some models may also offer additional features such as automatic shut-off and egg piercers to prevent cracking during boiling. With its convenience and simplicity, an egg boiler is a handy tool for anyone who enjoys eggs as a nutritious and versatile food option.

About this item

  • Electric Boiler Machine boils 7 eggs at a time with easy and quick one-touch operation for a healthy and convenient breakfast in minutes
  • Boiler comes with a stainless -steel heating plate, which evenly distributes heat to help you get perfectly boiled eggs within minutes
  • Boiling eggs in different modes is not easy as it soundsThis is the reason why Wipro Vesta Egg Boiler can easily boil eggs in three different modes- soft, hard and medium
  • Use the provided measuring cup to add water according to your preference and number of eggs you want
  • To avoid accidents or over boiling, Wipro Vesta Boiler comes with a special feature which automatically shuts off after boiling eggs for the convenience of the users

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